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Car Flies Off Highway Crashes Into Auto Shop

Imagine rolling down the highway and misjudging a turn when the next thing that you know, you’re flying off of the road and down a hill, destroying your ride before skidding your way right into the side of an automotive repair shop, ironically enough.

For the people involved in this situation, that description is oh so close to home as they seem to have had a problem with cars flying off the highway and into their shop. The owner describes it as some sort of hazard out on the road that drivers don’t properly assess and before they know it, well, it’s too late.

Check out the video below that shows the security footage of one of these cars flying off of the road and straight into the shop. Luckily, no injuries have been reported so far from this anomaly in the road but you would think that they will soon be putting something in place to make sure that these accidents don’t continue to be as prevalent as they have been.



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