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Aircraft Carriers Are Like Cities At Sea! Here’s How They Work!

When it comes to the aircraft carrier, there is a lot of function to be stuffed in a rather small space. Now, one look at these vessels would have most folks thinking that they aren’t necessarily small. However, when seeing all the function packed into one, an observer might be surprised at just how much they’re able to accomplish. With this video, we have the opportunity to go aboard such an aircraft carrier. The phrase “controlled chaos” might be the best way of describing what’s going on here. Not only is there all of the activity happening up on the flight deck but we have to remember that there are people living beneath, as well.

In this one, we take a crack at being able to understand exactly how an aircraft carrier works. As a sort of miniature city at sea, these things can house everything from obvious features like a kitchen all the way to luxuries such as a gym to workout in. With hundreds of people, if not more, on board, it’s easy to see how things might just tend to become a little bit cramped. Therefore, some people who really got creative with designs laid these things out in such a way has to be as functional as it can possibly be to facilitate living aboard while getting the job done. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that there’s basically a scaled down airport up top, as well! That really adds to the chaos factor.

By following along with the video below, we get the top to bottom of what exactly is going on within an aircraft carrier. It really seems like everything has to be hitting its marks perfectly in order for the ship to keep on sailing smoothly. If we want to talk about well-oiled machines, the talk can stop here.