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Airplane Pilot Lands Commercial Airliner Sideways

Picture this: It’s a completely sunny day without a cloud in the sky. There’s no threat of rain, obviously, and the wind is nonexistent. Even on this picture perfect day, being a pilot is still a very complicated task. There’s a reason why these men and women have to go through extensive training and tons of practice before they are ever allowed to have control over an aircraft with people inside of it. It’s not as simple as it might seem with a couple of twists of different knobs and pulling on some joysticks before landing softly on the ground.

Now, just imagine the complicated task of piloting a commercial airliner when combined with weather that’s not so bright and sunny. Instead, sometimes, pilots are forced to land an aircraft in inclement weather conditions even though air traffic control does everything they can to try and avoid these kinds of happenings.

However, for the pilot of this aircraft, 40-knot crosswinds or 46ish mph winds for those who don’t speak aviation or nautical, were standing between this aircraft and touching down safely. The result is pretty incredible to watch and has been astounding people around the world as it’s been shared over and over again.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch as the weather on this particular day managed to blow this airplane completely sideways, putting the pilot into a tough situation as the massive airplane would be forced to land at quite the angle. Luckily, people on board got quite a talented individual behind the controls of this craft as they managed to touch down and roll to safety. Even for the most skilled individual, I would probably think that the cockpit had to be filled with adrenaline and mental pressure as this pilot tried to hit his marks in just the right way.