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Alex Laughlin Prepares For Double Duty In Gainesville

Alex Laughlin Prepares For Double Duty In Gainesville

This weekend, at the 50th annual Gatornationals, Alex Laughlin will be making his NHRA Pro Mod debut behind the wheel of the Elite Motorsports Camaro he’s seen testing in the video below. Alex and the Elite team have been working to get the car ready for its first outing, and if their testing results are any indication, they’re right where they need to be as far as performance.

The car Laughlin will be driving is powered by a twin turbo ProLine Hemi, one of the most common combinations in the class. With the NHRA limiting boost levels in an attempt to create parity between the different types of power adders, we don’t really know exactly how much power these things are cranking out, but Laughlin managed to rip off a series of mid to high 5.70’s at 255+ MPH, including a best of 5.75 at 257 MPH.

Just a couple of weeks back, Pro Mod legend Rickie Smith tested his ProLine powered Mustang and ran 5.77, so that puts he and Alex practically neck and neck, and based on what we’ve seen elsewhere in pre-season testing, 2019 will feature some of the closest racing in the history of the class, which is already known for great side-by-side racing.

Alex will also be driving his other Camaro in Pro Stock at the Gators as well, meaning he’ll be pulling double duty behind the wheels of two cars that are similar in appearance, but drastically different under the hood. As you can see in the video below, the Pro Mod Camaro shifts itself, while Alex has to manually shift the Pro Stocker. There’s also that whole thing about boost: the Pro Mod has all of it, the Pro Stocker has none.

Hopefully we will see Laughlin going rounds in both cars, possibly even pulling off the double if things go well. Check out all the action live this weekend on NHRA.tv or check back here next week to see how Laughlin fared in his debut.