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Alex Laughlin Upgrades Speed Society Corvette With Fueltech, Top Secret Suspension Pieces

Alex Laughlin Upgrades Speed Society Corvette With Fueltech, Top Secret Suspension Pieces

For those that don’t know Alex Laughlin he’s a professional Pro Stock racer in the NHRA. This is the field in which he has won multiple national events. This season he even made the countdown as a top contender to take home his first-ever NHRA National Championship. Perhaps you know him from his twin-turbo Pro Mod Camaro he campaigned this season.

This year was a breakout year for the young driver. He started off the season with a win at Donald Long’s famed Lights Out 10. This is a signature race that Alex had high on his priority list to win. It was the main reason he even bought a Radial vs the World car.

Alex came in with momentum after being the runner up at Duck’s fall race the year prior. Engine builder and nitrous wizard, Jeff Naiser, was the only one to top Alex in his nitrous Pro Mod in. With experience in other avenues of drag racing, Alex didn’t have all the same fancy technology nor the seat time in a radial car as many of the competitors. He certainly wasn’t ready to back down, though. In fact, Alex came in and qualified in the top half of the field. Laughlin went on to take out big names such as Mark Woodruff in his twin-turbo C6 Corvette, Kevin Rivenbark in the GALOT motorsports Procharged Pro Mod Camaro, and Daniel Pharris in his twin-turbo Pro Mod Mustang on a holeshot to win the event.

Alex followed that up with multiple final rounds in the Pro Stock car as well as an appearance in the toughest Radial vs The World field in history at the Sweet 16 2.0 race.

Alex knew that he was going to need a helping hand to stay in front. This was when he dialed up the guys over at Fueltech to get the new FT600. This is the baddest and most sophisticated engine control and monitoring system on the market. He packaged that with their FT Spark cool ignition system, and their wheelie control. Long story short, the car and driver combo that was already a force to be reckoned with is making even more progress.


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