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Alex Laughlin Wins 2019 U.S Nationals in Dramatic Fashion

When it comes to the NHRA, there aren’t many races that can compare to the U.S. Nationals. As far as the Pro Stock class, Elite Performance had the competition locked down as Erica Enders and Alex Laughlin made it all the way to the finals.

With both drivers incredibly focused and zoned in on the prize, Enders made it off of the tree by a decent margin. Having earned a tenth of a second lead, it looked like Enders had a solid shot at victory. However, Speed Society’s own Alex Laughlin managed to wheel around Enders to take home the victory.

After cutting the nearly perfect light at .007, everyone on the premises thought it was game over. Even the announcer could be heard saying that the race was “signed, sealed, and delivered.”

However, this is where one of the most important lessons in all of racing came into play. It’s most definitely a sport where we can’t count our chickens before they hatch. One of the intriguing things about drag racing is that we never know what’s going to happen after the tree turns green. Sure, it might only be a quarter-mile stretch of racing surface but a lot can happen in those six seconds.

By following along in the video below, we’re taken to the scene as Alex earns one heck of a victory. This is certainly one that’s going to be talked about for a while. When all was said and done, the race would be split by the slimmest of margins, giving the fans what they paid to see.

After the race, it was all love as Alex said that he “Almost can’t even talk.”

Overwhelmed by gratitude, Laughlin gave thanks to all that helped him to grab the win. Enders even stopped by as the teammates showed their respect for one another.

Laughlin will be the second-ranked driver when the playoffs start. Stay tuned to see just how far this beast of a team will be able to take the Havoline Chevrolet. We wouldn’t sleep on Enders, either!