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The ’66 Chevy Crew Cab Doesn’t Exist… Until Now (And it Has a Cummins!)

Just like any other self-respecting automotive enthusiast, we love our classics. However, on the other hand, I think that we should all realize that modern motoring has some amazing advancements as well. When these concepts are merged together, we can see some truly neat builds synthesized.

This time, we check out a truck that really never even existed. Allow us to explain.

The first crew cab pickup truck proceeded the 64-66 Chevy pickups, Chevrolet didn’t catch on until 1973. Even with the other brands that decided to make the style, the design was never really all that popular. There’s a reason why most of the older trucks that we see on the road are a single cab. The crew cab layout with four full doors never caught on until the late 90s. Today, the style is absolutely everywhere.

However, the folks over at RTech Fabrications decided that they thought the crew cab design should include older models. This is where the “Ponderosa 66” was born. On the surface, the front end gives us that classic Chevy look. However, enthusiasts might be a bit confused by the cab configuration. That’s because it has all been built in-house!

The company promises to tailor the design to just about every preference.

“With the same lines and classic look the additional backseat and two doors will provide plenty of legroom,” says Rtech. “With endless options for both drive train and interiors. Your truck – Your choice.”

Essentially, it looks like the company aims to go back and retrofit some of these old school rides with new school options. Below, we see a 66 that is sitting pretty with a 12-valve Cummins under the hood. This comes amidst a slew of other parts like Bilstein shocks, LED Lights, and an entire custom appearance, inside and out.


For those who are ready to get their own, and we’re sure there are a few of you – sorry. We don’t mean to shatter your dreams. These things start at $150,000, though! They look to be well worth the investment but buyers are definitely going to be in elite company.