All-Electric Porsche 911 is Shaping the Future of Performance Driving

In the coming years, we would venture to think that the electric motor swap should be ...

In the coming years, we would venture to think that the electric motor swap should be a growing phenomenon. These days, electric power is still relatively new. As it becomes more developed and cheaper, all sorts of electric-powered sports cars are going to find their way to the landscape of performance.

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A New Horizon

This time, we check out somebody who happens to be a little bit ahead of the curve. The candidate here is none other than a Porsche 911 that has gone fully electric owned by Bisimoto. Some purists might think that swapping a car like this over to electric power could be sacrilege. However, the more open-minded automotive enthusiasts will probably find that this Porsche is pretty intense.

It might be kind of crazy to say. After all, Porsche is a company that really focuses on producing optimal performance. However, taking electric power and introducing it to the chassis might have just made this thing even more of a killer than it was from the factory. That’s really saying something!

This time, the Hoonigan AutoFocus YouTube channel is taking us on an in-depth tour of what to expect from an electric Porsche. The car known as the Bisimoto E935 is certainly a new take on the European sports car. We’re sure that this is bound to be a build that’s rather polarizing. However, creative works like this are what building a car is all about.

By following along with the video below, we get to go for a ride with this crazy concoction of factors. If we were gamblers, we would probably bet that this video is almost a crystal ball into the future. We’re sure that combustion-powered engines will be around for the foreseeable future. However, electricity is bound to play a major role in the competitive driving scene as well.

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