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All Electric UTV With Over 400hp To The Wheels, and 4900Lbs Of Torque After Reduction! 555hp Coming Soon!

I this day and age, it really seems like all sorts of applications that were once fueled by fossil fuels are transforming their ways to become some other sort of power. Electricity is about one of the most popular power sources that vehicles all across the landscape of performance are beginning to observe. Just a couple of years ago, it might’ve been a small niche that was interested in electricity but today, it seems to be becoming a widespread phenomenon spreading across everything from commuter cars all way to vehicles like this one-off creation.

In this one, we take a peek at a UTV, an off-road vehicle that is creating some serious power, creating 400+ hp, all through the use of an electric motor. In the scheme of all of these thousand horsepower builds, that might not seem like a ton but when you’re combining it with something as small as a UTV, this thing probably flies. In this particular demonstration, we get the opportunity to see it on the dyno but, I would absolutely love to see this thing when it gets out there and is able to throttle down to punch home some killer speed.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you to the dyno room to see exactly how this thing acts and how much it can make on the machine. After seeing and hearing this thing for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the electric powered 4×4 and if you would be willing to give up your combustion engine for something like this. To be honest, like it or not, you have to admit that these motors are pumping out some pretty impressive results that should equate to some stellar performance when push comes to shove and it’s time to prove your worth.

Nikola Zero UTV 400 HP 4,900 Ft. Lbs. torque

For the first time ever, the Nikola Zero UTV on video showing dyno data . 490 ft lbs of torque before reduction and 4,900 ft. lbs of torque after 10:1 reduction. Plus 400 HP (calibration) to the wheels in this video. 555 HP video will come when we launch the promotional video later this year. Get more information and reserve yours here for 2018 production: https://nikolamotor.com/zero

Posted by Nikola Powersports on Monday, October 2, 2017

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