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All-New LEGO® Batmobile from Chevy

Chevrolet and the Caped Crusader have teamed up to design the Batmobile for the hero’s latest film project, the Lego Batman Movie.

Of course, as part of the publicity campaign, Chevy brought in a focus group – consisting of Lego characters, of course – to critique the latest in a long series of Batmobiles, including Bruce Wayne himself, with costume and cowl, of course. Much to Batman’s dismay, the non-heroes of the group seem less than impressed with the look and feel of his ride, sending him into a bit of a rant as he tries to sell the citizens on the badass-ness of his new ride. He gives up the fight when the group’s token soccer mom announces it would be perfect for picking up the kids from soccer practice, sending a defeated Batman out of the room, muttering under his breath.

We, as a group of professional (ish) adults are probably more excited about The Lego Batman Movie than we should be, but we are all still kids at heart, so we’re not ashamed to say we will be lined up to see this one as soon as it hits theaters. We may just pick up a couple of actual Batmobile Lego sets to display around the Speed Society HQ too!

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