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Alleged Drunk Driver in a Tesla Model 3 Wrecks, Starts Fire in Nearby House as Hot Batteries Are Sent Flying

A recent situation would unfold in Oregon that would send the components of a Tesla flying everywhere. Officials in the city of Corvallis are still dealing with the impact.

Rumor has it that batteries in electric vehicles are prone to catch on fire should they be involved in such a situation and another story that has come forth seems to back up that claim. This unfortunate situation comes at us from Corvallis, OR as a Tesla driver ended up in a dangerous spot.

Reports say that the driver behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 was under the influence when wrecking the car. The impact was so bad that it would scatter pieces of the automobile everywhere. Some reports say that these parts would fly as far as 100 feet from the site of the incident. The Drive even says that “Individual battery cells were launched from the electric vehicle with one even starting a small fire in a nearby house when flew through a window and landed on a set of bedsheets.”

In connection with the crash involving the Tesla, the Corvallis Police Department and Corvallis Fire Department want to…

Posted by City of Corvallis Police Department on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Corvallis Police Department and Fire Department would take to Facebook, warning citizens to be aware that there may still be some batteries lying around. They continue that they can stay hot to the touch for up to 24 hours, causing burns if handled. They also state that these units may possibly release toxic fumes if inhaled.

How exactly these sort of situations will be handled as we become more familiar with electric vehicles is yet to be determined. However, It is very apparent that, in the case of an accident, it’s something to be looked at differently than with a traditional motor vehicle. Whether or not it is a more dangerous situation is open to interpretation.


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