American cars done Japan-style at a Tokyo car show

One of the most beautiful things about the world of cars is that there are so many ...

One of the most beautiful things about the world of cars is that there are so many different facets of the community that just about anyone can find their own little niche and strive in. Even though we all identify as a part of the bigger picture of the car community, within that community, there are racing fans and show car fans and even people who just like a nice clean cruiser. When you take a look at the community as a whole, all of the different avenues are what makes the world of cars so great and allows it to reach out to so many diverse people.

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This time, we take a look at a scene that isn’t too common hear the United States and just by the nature of how different it is, you can’t help but stop and stare at some of these creations as they come to life in this YouTube video. Basically, what we’re looking at here is what happens when you take a group of American cars and do them up with the Japanese style at a car show in Tokyo. Now, naturally, when you’re on the opposite side of the globe as somebody, your culture is going to differ vastly so it’s incredibly interesting to see how they take cars that you would see running all over the streets here and modify them to match their own local scene.

Follow along with the┬ávideo below that will give you the up-and-down of this Tokyo car show and introduce you to some things that you might have otherwise never seen before. Love or hate what you see in this video, you have got to admit that it’s pretty darn cool to check out how different parts of the world do their cars. Something like this provides a super weird dynamic that allows you to really relate to somebody on a higher level even though what they’re doing isn’t the same as what you’re doing. At the end of the day, it’s incredibly cool that we can all share in this passion together and this video ties that up nicely.

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