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Don’t Forget to Tune in as American Chopper Makes Comeback This Week! (How to Watch)

Have you missed everyone’s favorite family of motorcycle builders!? Well, Tuesday, June 9 on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET, everyone will have their chance to reunite with the Teutuls. In a brand-new 2-hour episode, Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. will be back together, controversies and all.

The duo hasn’t built a bike together in over a decade. As Senior still owns Orange County Choppers, Junior has gone his own way with Paul Jr. Designs. This time, though, they decided that they would head back to the Discovery Channel for a special project.

In the press release from Discovery, we learn that the Teutuls find out that the original OCC building is now going to be torn down. They take the opportunity to head back to the shop in order to fetch a few items left behind. The nostalgia is sure to flow as the shop surely holds many memories for the family and fans alike.

While there has been constant news about a possible return and even a short-lived reboot, this seems like it could be the last dance. It would certainly be a nice bow on a long career of bike building as a family. We’re not sure if it’s the end of father-son projects. However, it would provide a nice opportunity to give some closure to a storied reality TV career that certainly has been volatile.

The release continues that “Paul Jr. jumps on the opportunity to ask his dad to build a bike together. Paul Sr. agrees to the build and the two set out to work on a custom chopper for one of the largest distributors of exterior and interior building products.”

As one might imagine, they were also sure to mention that complications arise as the two have their own unique styles. Communication never really seemed to be their strong suit so it’ll be interesting to see how they come together over a project like this.

At the end of the day, I think that most fans can appreciate the extent that the Teutuls put their real-life issues on display for the world. The feud provided plenty of hours of entertainment. At this point, though, I think that the best-received scenario would be a happy ending to an illustrious run together.

We will find out all that and more on American Chopper, Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery!