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This “American Muscle Big Engines and Loud Startups” Compilation Brings the Freedom

Depending on what corner of the automotive world we dive into, different enthusiasts may have different preferences. For example, in JDM culture, drifting might be a lot more prominent than in American muscle car culture. Meanwhile, some folks might stray into the off-road world while others stick to the track.

At the end of the day, though, most car enthusiasts have something in common. It doesn’t matter which corner of the automotive world we come from. Odds are that most are going to want their cars to look good and sound the part as well. With that in mind, I think that we can all appreciate the perfect exhaust note from a car that just feels downright aggressive.

This time, we dive into a compilation video that outlines some cars that might just be the loudest. This particular video is focusing on the American muscle side of things. The first thing we probably would recommend before playing this video is cranking those speakers up. The grumble of all of those cubic inches is sure to send a chill down the spine.

In the collection, we find everything from streetcars to full-blown race cars. However, our eyes were glued to the screen, watching the entire video unfolding, waiting on what was next. Each and every one of these cars seem to have a way with demanding your full attention.

We had no issue with obliging.

By following along with the video below, we get to dig into the compilation that sent us into a trance. After checking this one out, you might just be double-checking on that bank account to see if you can add another toy to the garage. Some of these things are just downright hard to resist. If the extra coin isn’t there to grab one for yourself, don’t worry! We think that a video like this might be the next best thing.