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American Pickers Find the Michigan Madman’s Chevy V8 Powered Motorcycle

Sometimes, when we watch the American Pickers in action, we can’t help but envy their position. Sure, these guys are going to end up making a ton of money selling the things that they find. However, we would be incredibly interested to just be able to go along for the ride sometimes. If we asked them if they valued the money or the experiences more, we would think that they would admit that they enjoy the latter. These guys can say that they’ve seen some things that almost nobody else alive has.

When scoping out various treasure troves around the country, they never know what they’re going to find. One moment, they might be sifting through nothing more than junk. The next, they can find something that’s worth thousands of dollars. In turn, this same item could have great historical significance that really makes it worth the haul.

It’s practically like being able to reach into a time capsule and shake the hand of somebody who made history years ago. All of this is coming to life right in front of their eyes as they negotiate on some of the greatest artifacts that exist.

This time, they happen to catch up with one of the most iconic motorcycles in existence. Back in his heyday, the Michigan Madman was known for some pretty extreme exhibitions. His machine wasn’t just a typical motorcycle. Instead, it would have a Chevy V8 powering it.

This meant some extreme high-speed runs were going to be taken on. The particular bike that we see in the video has been 172 mph in just 8.68 seconds. That might not seem incredibly fast by today’s standards but you have to realize when this all took place. Perhaps, this motorcycle even led the way for others to get into motorcycle performance.


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