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They Took a Modded GSX-R 1000cc Off-Roading in the Dirt!

When it comes to cranking up the intensity and doing something different, we can always count on the Stunt Freaks Team. These guys really put us through our paces in terms of absorbing as much adrenaline as possible. The antics that they carry out on camera really have us latched in and wanting to see more. Sometimes, they toy around with stock bikes. Other times, we might see a little bit of modification thrown into the mix. This tends to make things a little bit more interesting. This time, we just so happen to check out the latter. Buckle up tight because this one is about to get intense.

If we’re talking about bikes that we know and love, this is Suzuki GSX–R 1000 machine is one to be respected. On a paved surface, it would take quite the machine to be able to keep up with one of these bikes. Cranking out big-time power, the lightweight frame allows riders to really put on a show. However, it seems as if the Stunt Freaks Team was wondering what would happen if they took one off of the beaten path. I’m sure that plenty of people have thought about this but how many have executed it, we can’t really say.

Where there is a will, there is a way, though. Apparently, these guys were downright determined to test it out. Therefore, they actually hooked up a GSX-R with some off-road tires and got to work. Long story short, this thing is as much of an adrenaline rush as we could possibly have imagined. There is something about it ripping through the dirt that makes us want to go along for the ride. We’re not really sure where they come up with these ideas but we are definitely are glad that they do!