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AMG Unveils 2700 Horsepower, 59-Foot Luxury Speed Boat With 6 Supercharged Engines

Most probably know AMG, the high-performance division of Mercedes-Benz for their work with cars. I mean, you’d have to be a bit zany to not love a well-constructed performance luxury machine. However, some might be surprised to learn that they dabble in other areas as well. After that surprise wears off, we think that it’ll be replaced with a grin, especially upon learning the details.

One of the latest from the AMG fleet is known as the “Tirranna AMG Edition.”

The collaboration with Cigarette Racing is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

All the Power!

Let’s start with the most important info here. The vessel is equipped with six Mercury engines. Each of them boasts 4.6 supercharged liters of displacement. The combo of Mercury Racing 450R powerplants is enough to propel the boat to 80 mph with the help of 2700hp.

Speed Demon

Built for the Miami International Boat Show, the vessel is surely one of a kind. At first glance, 80 mph isn’t record-breaking. However, when we consider that the vessel spans 59-feet, we gain a new perspective. It’s not the fastest AMG project. It is noteworthy that the size to speed ratio seems pretty nuts, though. Last year, the brand released a 41-foot boat that managed 83 mph. That extra 18-feet is a lot of extra weight to get moving, though.

A Light Monster

The boat prides itself on using lightweight materials. As you might’ve guessed, most vessels this size aren’t typically supposed to be this fast. Instead, they tend to offer a nice cruising experience. With the Tirranna AMG Edition, we get something a bit spicier, though.

The vessel is fit for up to 26 passengers. Onboard, we even find a cabin for those who want to spend the night. A couple of other trick features are a high-end JBL Audio sound system and iPad based interface to control all sorts of things on board.

Accessorize with a G-Wagen

Accompanying the design, AMG has also created a version of their G-Wagen to match. The custom G63 will share some of the finishes found aboard the boat. In other words, this might just be the ultimate combo for the coast of Miami. We’re not sure that we’ve seen a more fitting form of transport for the city!