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Marcus Birt Sends Entire Car Airborne in Scary Radial vs the World Pass (Lights Out 11)

With just about any effective drag racing pass, there is a lot to consider. Drivers, tuners, and cars have to come together perfectly among other factors. There might even be other hands getting in on the action as well. With all of these moving parts, sometimes, things can get a little bit intense. Throw in the insane level of competition of the Radial vs the World-class at Lights Out 11 and things really begin to pressurize.

Those who don’t really understand drag racing think that it’s all about stabbing and steering. It might appear as if he or she who can through the most power at a car with the biggest budget is automatically going to win. Anybody who knows the first thing about the sport knows that this oversimplified view simply isn’t how things work.

Instead, the previously mentioned combination of factors needs to come together just right. All of these factors need to jive with the track conditions all while trying to balance out the competition in the next lane over. For example, if a track isn’t working so well at allowing traction, perhaps, it’s time to take a little bit of power out of a car. Don’t take out too much though because the other guy is racing aggressively.

If the track is really working well and the atmospheric conditions are desirable, this could be a time when records really start to fall. However, too much power is never a good thing if it isn’t firmly planted on the ground. Unfortunately for Marcus Birt, he would be put in a position to demonstrate.

As CompetitionPlusTV puts it, “Atmospheric conditions had dropped the adjusted altitude to under sea level.”

This meant that it was time to go fast! The conditions were moving in the proper direction.

From what we see here, it really looks like Birt and the company were ready to take home victory. In fact, it’s said that they were even one of the favorites in the class. However, when the Chevrolet Corvette launched in one of the final qualifying rounds, things escalated in a hurry. The machine really did a good job of hopping out on the competitor in this particular session. However, when the front end failed to stay down, the entire car would go airborne.

It was insane to watch as the machine essentially did a bunny hop right in the middle of its pass.

Birt was said to have been checked by on-site medical personnel before being released. He did manage to qualify in the top half of the field. However, the hang-up was enough to prevent him from participating eliminations.