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AMP Performance Cracks Record for the C7 Corvette ZR1

The other day, we reported on the Hennessey Performance ZR1 that managed to crack 8s with some basic modifications. Today, it’s time to make way for the king! Said king just so happens to be a machine cranked out by the crew over at Advanced Modern Performance. These guys have managed to figure out the ZR1 platform in just a couple of quick months to the point where they’ve dialed it in.

In this one, we check out what AMP calls their “ZR5” package and this thing absolutely rips. The long story short of the whole thing is that the car blasts its way into the record books. Once all 1,320-feet of racing surface are covered, the boards tell us that it has only taken 8.57-seconds. This comes after a 1.26 short time that rockets the car through the first 60-feet. In addition, the car has managed to climb to a monstrous 160.25 mph. So how do they do it?

Surprisingly, the car maintains a lot of stock components while it makes its way toward the record. With a stock short block, transmission, converter, differential, and axles, the machine makes wonders happen.

From the front of the engine bay, we find a 5-inch intake system and 103mm billet throttle body to feed the supercharger. The blower remains a stock LT5 unit that has received some CNC porting love. The blower is combined with a ZPE Griptec 2.7 upper pulley and Innovators West 9% overdrive harmonic balancer.

Other mods include ported LT5 cylinder heads which are accompanied by a set of Manley Performance’s heavy-duty stainless valves. A custom valvetrain finishes off the heads. When topped off with a fuel system and methanol injection, we find our way to the mid-8-second pass that we find here.

For those looking to punch their top-tier Corvette into the 8s, the package runs just under $30,000.