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AMS Alpha 16 GTR runs 213mph

AMS Alpha 16 GTR runs 213mph at Chicago’s WanngoFast 1/2 Mile Event

The Alpha 16 numbers are INSANE!

From AMS – “The key to the menacing power of the Alpha 16 is the AMS Turbo System capable of generating over 1800 HP yet providing a usable powerband. This new turbo design is based off the same units found on our very own 2000+HP Alpha Omega slightly re-worked to make them the ultimate for the drag strip, highway battles and airstrip acceleration competitions. In addition, a comprehensive list of supporting Alpha Series components integrate to form a turn-key solution delivering you unmatched power and performance.”

“Typically power like this comes at the cost of driveability issues and a narrow powerband. Picking a huge turbo to make maximum peak power is typically how turbo kits are “designed”. Our engineers however maximized every aspect of this kit making a system that puts the most power under the curve widening the powerband as much as possible. From smoother compressor outlets to properly sized compressor covers and intakes to the latest turbo technology this kit will keep you ahead of the competition! Your GT-R will go from mild-mannered and streetable one moment to white-knuckled power the next!”


Watch this WILD 213MPH Fly By

Comparison Numbers

60-130 mph Comparison Chart
AMS Alpha 16 GT-R – 2.91 Seconds!
Bugatti Veyron – 5.6 Seconds
Suzuki GSXR1000 Motorcycle – 5.9 seconds
Ferrari Enzo – 7.3 Seconds
Mercedes McLaren SLR – 7.24 Seconds
Porsche Carrera GT – 7.3 Seconds
Lamborghini LP640 – 7.8 Seconds

0-60 mph Comparison Chart
AMS Alpha 16 GT-R – 1.63 Seconds!
Bugatti Veyron – 2.5 Seconds
Ferrari Enzo – 3.1 Seconds
Mercedes McLaren SLR – 3.5 Seconds
Porsche Carrera GT – 3.5 Seconds
Lamborghini Aventador – 2.8 Seconds