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An Engine Table Like Never Before – This One Fires Up And Runs!

One thing that we have to give the internet credit for it is the fact that it has brought us all closer together. With this tool, we can see how creative people truly have the power to be. Before we had access to millions of pictures and videos at our fingertips, most would never see some of the coolest creations in existence. The way that culture would have it these days, though, the most interesting content will naturally rise to the top and go viral. These types of works of art can be circulated quite quickly through the web, cornering millions of views as people can’t help but share them over and over again on the social media of their choice.

One trend that we have noticed picking up a little bit of viral steam would be that of taking automotive parts and using them for home decor. One of the most flavorful versions of this kind of artwork would be taking something like an engine and turning it into a table. It might take a little bit of creativity and know-how but what better kind of conversation starter could someone possibly ask for? It doesn’t get much more interesting than having an engine as a living room table.

Normally, these types of table are simply static art which can still be impressive. This time, though, the person behind it all really went above and beyond, making full use of a motorcycle engine that retains all of its function. Why someone went through all this effort with a running engine, we’re not sure. We have to admit that hearing this thing fire up is a little bit confusing but it certainly accomplishes its goal of getting people talking. On the contrary, it might be a little bit disappointing when the table in the living room springs an oil leak.