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An Exact Replica Of The Titanic Is Being Built, And Set To Make Maiden Voyage In 2022

I think we’ve all heard the quote “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”, but hopefully the people responsible for this next idea don’t make the same mistakes as those who tried this the first time.

While the movie of the same name made the Titanic famous, I’m pretty sure we all learned about the ill-fated “unsinkable” ship in grade school long before James Cameron began filming his epic tale of love, floating doors and frigid waters, we learned that the actual RMS Titanic, sunk on her maiden voyage, killing some 1,500 passengers when the ship proved to be woefully short on lifeboat capacity.

In 2022, the Titanic will once again take to the seas. No, the original hasn’t been resurrected from the bottom of the Atlantic. Instead, Australian tycoon Clive Palmer has raised a half billion dollars to recreate the ocean liner, which was the largest ship afloat at the time of it’s sinking in 1912. The ship will be called Titanic II and will be built to nearly the same exact specs as the original, including the number of cabins and passengers. The reboot will also feature many of the same amenities as the original, including the grand staircase made famous in the film.

While the ship will have modern navigational features that should virtually eliminate any chance of it befalling the same fate as the first Titanic, it seems those in charge want to tempt fate by having the ship follow the same route the original took from Southampton, England to New York City. Titanic II will carry enough lifeboats for all souls on board, but still seems like an unnecessary risk to follow the same exact route.

I guess if you want to prove a point, though, there’s no better way to do it than that, so hopefully everything goes as planned and the ship can enter service successfully.