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Andrew Demarco From Boston Is Ready To Do Battle In X275 With “White Girl Wasted”

It’s been a little while since we last saw Andrew DeMarco and his badass Fox body hatch, lovingly dubbed “White Girl Wasted”. When we last saw the car it looked a bit different, most notably there was a centrifugal supercharger under the hood, instead of a huge blower – or “blowahhh” as DeMarco calls it in his thick Bostonian accent – sticking through the hood.

DeMarco’s hotrod will be competing in the always-tough X275 class in 2019, and anybody who follows this class will tell you no matter what combo you run, the rules are designed to keep the playing field as level as possible. However, looking at these preseason test passes, the rest of the field is certainly taking notice of what’s going on up in New England.

DeMarco, a small tire veteran, looks right at home despite running a new combination. Of course, he does have some experienced with a similar, albeit larger displacement, setup in his brother David’s Buick Regal.

Andrew made a series of stout planned early-shutoff runs at Orlando Speed World just to make sure everything is ready for what most consider to be the small tire season opener, Lights Out X, which will be held next month at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The car left hard and tracked incredibly straight, although on one of the passes the front end did come up a bit. Andrew pedaled the throttle like the seasoned vet that he is, and you can see on the in-car angle that he was hardly phased by the wheel stand.

Between the insane power on tap and DeMarco’s skill behind the wheel, the X275 world should be paying close attention this this white 4-eye Fox!

I have to give a huge shout out to my good friend Hans from Free Life Films for this excellent highlight reel video. His creative angles and stellar editing make this video jump out of the screen! I can’t wait to hang out with him at SGMP in just a couple of weeks!