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Angry NYC driver smashes BMW I8 for causing traffic jam! Real or fake?

It’s really hard to say if this video is real or fake, but regardless of its authenticity, at the end of this video, the windshield in this BMW I8 is very much smashed.

The premise for the video, billed as a prank gone wrong, is that the gold I8 is stopping traffic in perpetually-jammed New York City for an impromptu photo shoot. With thousands of cars already packed into the city’s streets, any added hindrance – especially one that’s voluntary and arrogant as a photo shoot – is liable to set off a road-rager, which is exactly what happened.

As the subjects pose on the front of the Bimmer, an angry motorist comes from behind them with bat in hand. The photographer warns the “models” and they move away from the car, but the raging driver isn’t out for blood, he’s out for carnage. Instead of pursing the guys, he simply takes a single shot at the car’s windshield, leaving it caved in from the impact. With his mission accomplished, the driver turns to go back to his car.

If this is real, at least in my opinion, it’s completely justified as it is ridiculously pompous to stop in the middle of one of the most congested cities in the nation to your own personal entertainment. If it’s a setup, then it’s pretty funny and deserves a moment in the spotlight. Hopefully they monetized the video so they can raise some funds to replace the BMW’s windshield!