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Angry Police Officer TASES Biker Running From Cops!

There have always been certain groups of motorcycle riders who have always had an interesting and unique situation with the police. You see, for some groups of riders, they deem that it’s not necessary to pull over when they see officers with flashing lights and blaring sirens behind them and therefore, in some areas, relations can get pretty intense as this battle goes on in the streets with officers getting more and more infuriated at the riders lack of cooperation and the riders getting more and more crafty with how to plan the method of getting away from the law enforcement tail that they have seemed to acquire.

In this one, we check out the situation that has a rider and officer mixing it up in a series of events that ends with the rider being pushed off of his bike and eventually tased when he gets his feet back on solid ground. It’s at this point in time that all of the fellow riders that are out on this massive cruise start beeping their horns in revving their engines to cause the commotion that surrounded the event. One thing is for sure, the situation definitely got really sticky really quickly. With a tangle like that, you never really know what’s going to happen, if somebody is going to get angry and lash out or if it’s going to be smooth sailing after making one arrest.

Follow along with the situation down the video below as Blox Starz TV has broadcasted the entire ordeal to their YouTube channel for all of us to view. Now, we’re only given a slice of what happened and couldn’t be on the scene to know the exact situation. Given the circumstances at hand, who do you think is right and wrong in this debacle?

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