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Angry Ram Takes on a 6 Ton Excavator

When it comes to the wild ram, this is most definitely an animal that isn’t going to back down from a fight. We’ve seen them go head-to-head with humans before and this time is no different as the ram sees a man working in a piece of heavy equipment and gets pretty pissed off at him.

When this guy was doing a little bit of work with his trusty backhoe, a curious ram walked up on the site of the construction and decided to check out what was going on. This was just as before things began to escalate a little bit beyond what the man probably expected.

As the bucket of the backhoe sat on the ground, the ram observed it, took a couple of steps back, and planted its horns right into the hard steel after getting a running start. I don’t care if this animal’s rack was designed for high impact or not, this hit had to hurt at least a little bit. However, that wasn’t where it all would stop.

The operator of the backhoe recorded the entire encounter with the ram and decided to upload it for our viewing enjoyment. After checking out the bucket, it doesn’t look like the ram did any damage to the machine but we would venture to think that even a creature whose purpose in life is to headbutt things probably walked away with at least a little headache from the encounter.