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Another One Bites the Dust – Van Owner Shows Worst Possible Way to Start Boating Season

As summer draws closer, boat ramps are more popular than ever. As we have all been cooped up inside all winter, lots of people are turning to their boats as a form of entertainment. This is especially true as COVID-19 seems to have mostly dispersed and allowed us all out of hiding once again.

We wouldn’t be shocked if boat sales have gone through the roof this year as well. After being pent-up inside for so long, getting out on the water is a refreshing treat and a welcome change of pace.

When it comes to the boat ramp, though, it’s definitely not a place to mess around. This is an area where sometimes, maybe people have a little bit more confidence than they should. As an experienced boater, I would probably recommend inching your way into this one. It’s an area where someone can end up putting themselves in a bad position in a hurry.

One moment, you’re simply backing up the van, and the next, you’re in a spot where it’s not only expensive but it’s rather dangerous as well. Proceeding with caution is likely the best bet when thinking about the boat ramp.

We aren’t quite sure what led to this one. However, the result of the actions taken here ends with this cargo van and the trailer attached to it in the water. This really looks like one of those days where the owner of this van and ski combo probably wishes that he had just stayed home.

The video below recaps the situation as the van is pulled from the water. This is sure to be a learning moment that hopefully this boater can look back and laugh at. We know that, in the moment, this one had to really put a damper on the plans to be out on the water that day.


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