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Applying the Break: Unbelievable 100mph Pool Table Car

Applying the Break: Unbelievable 100mph Pool Table Car

Billiards, better known as “pool” is a game enjoyed by many and thanks to this innovative thinker, it’s now a game that can be played on the go!

When this store owner wanted a unique piece that could be rolled in and out of his shop, the man that he asked to do the job told him that they could do anything. They could even make it go 100mph if he really wanted to! While this concept may have been brought up in jest, it unfolded in front of them as a reality.

Check out the video below of this billiards converted 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This thing is sure to turn heads just about anywhere it goes. The table also brings a television, electric dart board, refrigerator, and sound system… talk about bringing the party!

You won’t believe what happened when this Corvette does a burnout into the street. It ALMOST doesn’t end well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 9.43.18 AM


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