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Wild New Tire Technology – Airtrax Cobra Almost Like it is HOVERING!

Wild New Tire Technology – Airtrax Cobra Almost Like It Is HOVERING!

With each and every video we see of new tire technology, we get more and more impressed with what the market is coming up with and this clip is no different.

Designed to move industrial equipment around quickly and nimbly, the Airtrax Cobra is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The tires almost make the machine look like it’s floating on air. As one YouTube viewer puts it, this machine is “Moonwalking like Michael Jackson.”

Check out the video of the new technology below and be sure to tell us if you think that something as crazy as this will ever make it to the mainstream automotive market.

This inflation cage test shows us just how powerful tire explosions really are.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 9.41.38 AM


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