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April Fool’s Joke Turns Into Awesome DIY Vented Seats/Odor Remover (For Your Car)

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 Pandemic, it seems as if there wasn’t much time for April Fools this year. Sure, some made their low effort Facebook troll posts. However, in terms of full-blown April Fool’s jokes, we didn’t see too many. I guess that things are kind of a little bit more difficult when it comes to social distancing and trying to prank people.

Over on YouTube, though, it seems like a couple of YouTubers were trying their best. One YouTuber who appears to have taken his best shot was ChrisFix. The guy that we have come to know for modifying and fixing automobiles took a crack at his own take on an April Fool’s joke.

On the surface, the concept was rather silly. The idea was to create a system in a car seat that would remove the stench of a fart. Essentially, Chris would accomplish this by embedding some charcoal and a fan in the seat to suck the smell into oblivion. Naturally, this is a modification that not many people are going to try in a serious capacity.

However, Chris tells us that as things went on, he ended up actually liking the way that the modification turned out. It looks like, while this might be a joke as a fart remover, it might actually act rather efficiently as a ventilated seat. The ventilated seat is a feature that’s available in many new cars. However, it didn’t really gain popularity until the last decade or so. Therefore, he might be on to something. This one could be a sort of DIY model for individuals to create their own ventilated seat systems.

As an April Fool’s joke, this one might’ve backfired a little bit on Chris. However, the byproduct is a massive success as a DIY modification that could improve your car. On top of it all, the entire thing could be done in your very own driveway or garage!

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