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Assembling The Iconic Toyota 2JZ Engine, Top to Bottom

As time goes on and new technology emerges, there are certainly some applications that we’re incredibly excited about. Each and every day, engineers are working very hard to try and come up with the next big thing. Because of this, there is some truly amazing progress happening in the automotive performance community. This is all because the ladies and gentlemen behind some of our favorite engines have been tooling around with new concepts. These concepts not only allow us to make more power but also to make more power efficiently. This means that some major muscle can be had for less money all while burning up less fuel.

However, while new favorites are certainly emerging every day, sometimes, the tried-and-true is really where it’s at. There are engines that have certainly cemented themselves into performance royalty. These engines like the Toyota 2JZ have been built over and over again, displaying their proficiency in a variety of different applications. After all, there is a reason why this type of power source has become one of the most popular in all of tuning. No matter how many different combinations come out, we get the feeling that there will simply always be a place for something like the 2JZ.

By following along with the video below, we get an opportunity to explore the architecture behind it all. Sure, the 2JZ is certainly a fan favorite but what makes it that way? How many of us have actually seen what these things are all about, inside and out? For those who have never seen the internals of such an engine, they’re in for a real treat with this one. In this video, we take the liberty of checking out the top to bottom renovation that has Papadakis Racing getting up close and personal with the icon.