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New bill makes Audi’s Adaptive headlights legal in the US

As technology continues to address various problems in our lives, one might ponder why certain issues persist despite so many advancements. Some designs seem to have endured for a long time without substantial innovations, leaving one to wonder why there haven’t been big changes as society comes up with tech to solve every problem.

In the realm of automotive lighting, some developments have occurred, with lights lasting longer and shining brighter. However, the fundamental function of lighting has largely remained unchanged. Cars still feature headlights and high beams, and we haven’t quite solved the challenge of illuminating the road for safe travel without potentially blinding oncoming drivers. Or have we?

A recent viral TikTok video introduced me to a concept called “Matrix Technology,” a form of lighting available in Audi vehicles. Upon investigation, I discovered that this concept has been around since 2013, debuting in the Audi A8. While initially not available in the United States, Audi has been working with officials to bring this technology stateside.

@audittsquattro Audi’s matrix lights in the #rsq8 – do you like this tech? #audi #quattro #matrixlights ♬ original sound – Audi Videos

Essentially, Matrix Technology relies on a sensor that detects the location of oncoming headlights. Using this sensor, a variety of LED bulbs within the headlight can create billions of combinations to direct the light precisely where it’s needed, theoretically without blinding drivers in oncoming traffic.

While reviews suggest that those who have experienced this technology aren’t entirely convinced it eliminates the issue of blinding oncoming drivers entirely, the concept is undeniably intriguing. The technology may evolve, potentially leading to a future where headlights no longer pose a blinding hazard to others.

The quesion that lingers is whether we’ll witness the advent of non-blinding headlights before achieving a society where all cars autonomously drive themselves, abandoning the need for headlights altogether.