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Auto Parts Stores Might be the Only Ones Immune to the Amazon Takeover

In this day and age, shopping has pretty much been streamlined. In fact, if someone didn’t want to leave their house for anything, they could probably make that work. Sure, there are certain things that we need right away and we’re going to want to go get. Theoretically, though, one’s entire life could be outfitted by Amazon. Heck, we can even get groceries delivered straight to our homes. 2020 is simply a year where we’re living in the era of complete convenience. It will only continue to trend in that direction.

On the dark side of things with this trend, we find that some businesses haven’t been able to maintain stability. In fact, because of the insane convenience of companies like Amazon, many brick-and-mortar stores have shut down. It simply wouldn’t make sense for somebody to go to do a physical store and sometimes pay more. Getting something shipped straight to your doorstep for a cheaper price, much of the time is the most logical answer. There is probably a whole mountain of names that Amazon is responsible for putting out of business.

It seems like there is one niche industry, though, that has been capable of fighting off the wave of influence of Amazon. That industry would be auto parts. Don’t get us wrong. That doesn’t mean that every auto parts store is absolutely thriving. However, when we take a look at AutoZone, they’re doing just as well as ever. In fact, they continue to trend upward. So, why is that?

Personally, I can think of plenty of times where I needed something now and didn’t want to wait a day to get it. When you’re in the middle of a job, the next day won’t do. This is when stores like this come the most in handy. However, that’s not the extent of their continued success.

By following along with the video below, MSNBS gives us the full breakdown of how some auto parts stores have managed to keep on kicking, even though the e-commerce climate insists that brick-and-mortar shouldn’t exist at all.