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World’s Coolest Old Head Builds Completely Street Legal Dragster

World's Coolest Old Head Builds Completely Street Legal Dragster

For those of us who want a custom machine, most pick a platform to start with. Maybe if someone wants to go drag racing, they likely would find their way to a so with something like a Fox Body Mustang. However, there are some people who don’t really gravitate toward the tried and true. Perhaps, these people take other platforms to bat in order to accomplish their goals.

This time, we meet an individual, though, who decided to go all the way to the wild side. This ride didn’t start off with any platform. Instead, this hot rodder Dragonman wanted to create his own monster.

When we dig into the details, we find a build that has our jaws on the floor. On the surface, the contraption appears to be some sort of rail. Apparently, this rig powered by 502 cubic inches of Hemi muscle was built completely from scratch! That is certainly one way to stand out from the pack.

Not only is the machine unique but we also find that it is completely street legal. When taking one look at this thing, one might be inclined to think that it’s a show car that gets trailered around. Nope! This bad boy can be driven to and from car shows as the owner desires. We probably wouldn’t be caught out in the rain, though. No roof is insight to keep the drivers sheltered from the elements.

By following along with the video below, we get a tour and a couple of details about what makes a machine like this so great. While it might of have been easier to just start with something smellier, a custom-built rig like this is far more impressive! Driving the machine to and from the drag strip would certainly be about the most awesome way to roll.