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Automatic High Security Bollard Post DESTROYS Truck

When it comes to security measures, one can never be too confident in the materials that are in use to keep the unwanted out. This time, we check out a Bollard post system that is designed to stand up against even the heaviest of ground traveling predators. We watch as a truck approaches the system and plows right into it. While the post doesn’t move an inch, the truck crumbles under its strength.

About the Bollard system

New automatic high security & anti terrorist bollard
ASTM certified for Vehicle Crash Testing
Hydraulic Drive Unit
J355HA MS0-P1 Bollard can therefore arresta 6800 Kg truck running at a speed of about 50 Km/hour (30Mph) in less that 1m (P1)
To further enhance the level of protection offered, an Emergency Fast Operation version is also available. The rising speed of this is 1.5 secs.
Guarantees a safe movement, thanks to built-in LED lights
Customized on-demand colour, to match with urban architecture
All in one concept: bollard has a built-in hydraulic drive unit
Upraised position kept by hydraulic blocking, even in case of power failure
16mm steel cylinder, treated with catastrophes and painted -satin stainless steel version available
No pipes with oil under pressure on underground ducts to avoid leakages or failure risks
Remarkable duty cycle
Central rail piston to provide optimal stability of the cylinder when rising and lowering
Junction boxes and connectors are IP 66 ranked
Stainless steel internal fixing frames
Extremely reliable electronic control unit JE275
Rising time 6sec, 1.5 sec with the EFO version (emergency fast operation)
Descent time about 2sec
Max power consumption 1.200 W
Max expressed force 5.000N

J355HA M30-P1 is the new FAAC retractable bollard conceived for perimeter security applications. This product has been specifically designed for the protection of sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, public offices, banks, marina, etc. It has been tested in accordance to “ASTM F 2656–07 – American Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers” and successfully ranked with the highest class (P1)

Check out the crash test below as a simple test around 30mph spells out disaster for this test truck. We could definitely get behind something like this… literally!