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Automotive Journalist Prosecuted For Facebook Video

Here in America, it can be pretty difficult to prosecute someone based on a driving video. Don’t bring me to court with you on this one, but without a clear violation of the speed limit and visual of the driver, it’s unlikely that anything will happen. When we throw in the limits of the statute of limitations, things get even more confusing.

However, it looks like a video posted from an English county by the name of Derbyshire brought about different results. An automotive journalist by the name of Joe Achilles ended up getting himself in a little hot water.

The Audi R8 is nothing short of a hot car. From its looks to its performance, the R8 is certainly something that we could see someone using to get in trouble. Unfortunately for Achilles that was exactly the case as he pushed the car through Snake Pass. The winding road combined with Audi’s performance was something that this journalist couldn’t seem to get enough of. As a result, he would push the machine to what police would state to be about 100 mph.

When the authorities had caught sight of the video in question, they weren’t letting it fall by the wayside. Instead, they got to analyzing and actually were able to use the video to serve legal repercussions.


Achilles was later found guilty of speeding and served with a fine that was said to be north of £600. That translates to a number that exceeds $774. It looks like Mr. Achilles is going to be a bit more careful with what he uploads to Facebook in the future. Nobody wants to come home to notification that they’ve been busted based on a video! The fact that he didn’t get caught on the spot almost adds a little bit of insult to injury.