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This AWD Foxbody Mustang Launches Like a Bat Out Of Hell!

It’s certainly no secret that when it comes to gathering traction, an all-wheel-drive system can be a stout advantage. With all four wheels pulling you forward, obviously, you’re getting a better opportunity to grab the surface beneath you and propel yourself forward. While it’s certainly a challenge sometimes to be able to get all that power to the ground without bogging the car down, when you do it just right, an all-wheel-drive machine can certainly have a stout advantage of getting off of the line. When it comes to launching on the street, this phenomenon becomes even more prevalent.

This time, we get to check out a platform that isn’t necessarily all that commonly seen with all-wheel-drive equipped. In fact, the Ford Mustang Fox Body is commonly seen with a fat tire on the back and a skinny tire on the front as these rear wheel drive monsters have really put together a drag racing reputation but not necessarily in a form like this. It’s pretty incredible to see how this one is able to put in the work in order to really provide quite an experience for the viewer as we watch it leap off of the line like it’s nobody’s business, showing everyone that this isn’t your typical Mustang.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to watch the Fox Body that is equipped with such an all-wheel-drive system as it really throws a bit of a twist into the mix. While this certainly isn’t how you’re used to watching Mustangs lurch forward, it’s surely something that we could get used to. If you’re seeing something like this in action, we get the feeling that you might just get a little bit of an itch for an all-wheel-drive adrenaline rush session in your life! Seeing this thing lay it down is certainly worth the watch!