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THE LATEST: AZN Gives an Update on the Dung Beetle

When it comes to the Street Outlaws crew and their rides, updates are always underway. After all, once a car has established itself in competition, everybody knows what they’re coming for. It’s only natural to want to continue to improve upon the build. This helps with that competitive edge.

Not only do drivers want to stay competitive but they also suffer from that it’s that’s impossible to scratch. Anybody who has gone fast probably has an idea of what we are talking about. It’s kind of hard just leave anything as it sits when you have a need for speed.

This time, we get the opportunity to catch up with a fan favorite in the Dung Bettle. This hot rod Volkswagen that AZN has brought to the show is certainly something that’s turning heads. However, as is usually the case with most racing machines, it isn’t quite perfect yet. AZN had some upgrades in mind for the car that made it more efficient and also a little bit safer as well. With a little bit of help from a couple of familiar faces, the car is now running just a little bit better.

In this one, AZN gives us the rundown of some of the most recent updates and what we can expect from the car. Like most other racing machines, the Dung Beetle is still a work in progress. AZN tells us that he’s going have a little bit of a learning curve as he figures out how to drive the car once again.

This machine is certainly unique in just about every way imaginable. From the platform to the power plant, there’s a lot to sink our teeth into. We’re absolutely loving watching this thing come along and we think that fans of the show and of this ride alike will appreciate this update on what exactly the car has been up to.

We can’t wait to see this combination out and ripping on the streets!

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