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Massive RC Airplane Takes to the Sky

There are a ton of different hobbies in this world that one could become involved in. I think that it goes without saying that some of those hobbies happen to be more expensive than others. One of the pastimes that might seem to be an affordable thing to get into but actually can end up racking up quite the price tag is that of remote control vehicles.

It might seem like something that’s simple. When we really get into it, there are countless options and accessories that we can choose to spend that hard-earned money on, though. When it comes down to it, the dollar signs can really rack up in a hurry. This might mean digging into that savings before you know it!

This time, we check out what appears to be a pretty expensive remote control airplane. This thing brings the scale up to size a little bit more so that it’s all that much closer to being the real thing. When we take one look at this massive aircraft, it’s almost easy to mistake it for being the real thing! The 1:6 scale is just so massive as it looks like it weighs a good amount more than the human who is operating it!

This video proves to be awesome to watch as the pilot lifts this thing into the sky and powers it around like it’s nobody’s business! I’m not sure about you but personally, I would be a little bit intimidated by getting behind the controls here. Crashing this thing is probably quite the sentence for writing a big-time check!

With these things getting as big as this monster, who knows? We might just see a full-sized remote control airplane one day! Perhaps pilotless planes are coming to skies near you.