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AZN Installs “Smooth Boost” on the Jeeper Sleeper, Boost on Demand!

When the cameras are rolling for Street Outlaws and AZN wants to get down to business, his Volkswagen Beetle affectionately known as “Dung Beetle” is probably the most likely to take home a win. However, when he wants to mix it up with a daily driver, we find an SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee that goes by “Jeeper Sleeper.”

As some fans might expect, even as a daily driver, AZN isn’t going to drive just any old thing. Straight out of the box, this tier of Jeep has a little bit of bite to it. From there, though, AZN has done a bit of his own tuning. Complete with a ProCharger, the SUV has been known to pack a little bit of punch.

This time, AZN takes us along for the ride with a little bit of an upgrade that makes this powerhouse even better to drive. As he explains, with the centrifugal blower, you have a blow off valve that uses vacuum to control boost. Because of this, things can get a little bit turbulent sometimes.

However, with a new addition to his ride in “Smooth boost,” theoretically, this boost will be easier to control electronically. With the help of a specialized throttle body and the turn of a knob, AZN will be able to have more control over how much power the Jeep is making. One twist of the knob and he can make anywhere between 500-1,000 hp depending on if he’s looking for more bite or perhaps a little bit extra driveability. It also comes with a scramble button that will make ALL THE POWER when it’s pushed.

By following along with the video below, we get the full rundown of how exactly this Smooth Boost setup is going to work and what Azn thinks of it. In turn, we also get to watch the Jeep make its way down the track at Summit Motorsports Park for the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings race.

Photo credit – 405 Photo