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Back to Their Roots! Ryan Martin Takes us Behind the Scenes For the NEW OG Street Outlaws

In June of this year, it will mark an entire decade since the Street Outlaws made their debut on TV. Of course, the crew from the 405 had been racing long before the cameras started rolling. However, when they made their way to TV, the money really started to come in and things escalated incredibly quickly. Before we knew it, the simple builds on the show that could be replicated in garages across the country got more and more potent to the point where the 405 was sending high-dollar big tire cars down the street.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of action as a lot of people enjoy watching these incredibly powerful machines make their way down a questionable racing surface in the streets. However, the tides have turned just a little bit to the point where the crew might be devolving in terms of how fast their cars are going to go.

Instead, as audiences yearn for a more relatable product, Street Outlaws has taken on a new yet familiar face as small tire builds are hitting the streets once again. In the new season of the OG Street Outlaws show, we’re going to be able to watch some new builds come forward and some familiar faces from back in the day rear their heads once again.

This time, we get to check in with that action from the viewpoint of top competitor, Ryan Martin. In this particular video from his vlog channel, Martin takes us along to the Meridian Cruise in OKC. He also takes us to Thunder Valley Raceway in his Chevrolet Camaro small tire car, “Champagne Pappi” to do a little bit of testing and dialing in. The last stop in the video takes us to the filming of the first episode of the new season of Street Outlaws. 

From the looks of things here, we get a feeling that this season is going to be a great one!