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Kye Kelley Wasn’t Supposed to Win That! | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Even though to the untrained eye, drag racing might seem like a very simple and straightforward competition between two racers that never promotes drama, those in the community know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even when we get past all of the dramatic stuff that happens behind the scenes, out on that race track, the race might only last a couple of seconds but in that couple of seconds, we absolutely never know what is going to happen.

In this one, will check in with the storyline that definitely adds fuel to the fire as a couple of strong competitors are going at one another, each wanting to win for their own reasons.

In one lane, we have Justin Swanstrom who is making his push toward the top, taking a step each and every day with the aim of being solidified as a top competitor on No Prep Kings. Of course, everybody competing wants to get there but Swanstrom is one of those guys who has truly made some real progress with that journey.

In the other lane, we have one of those guys who is always near the top of a promotion like No Prep Kings. Kye Kelley has certainly invested a lot of effort over the years in climbing the ladder and now that he’s here, he’s going to do whatever it takes to be able to maintain that position.

In this particular race, we check in as Swanstrom is on an absolute roll, coming off a hot performance in the prior night’s Great 8 tournament. Therefore, Kelley tells us that he’s going to throw a powerful tune in his car, shooting for the moon as Swanstrom seems like a pretty strong competitor.

When the light goes green, Swanstrom gets off to a strong start, appearing to leave his competitor in the dust but things aren’t always as they initially seem. Tune in with the video below from Discovery to see where the chips fall.