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Badass Hydroplane Boat Gets Pulled by a Pro Street General Lee

If your goal is the make a statement, there are plenty of ways to do it. Rolling up to the boat ramp like this is definitely one of the ways that you’re going to draw attention to yourself. When this person had constructed their setup to get in and out of the water, it’s ended up being just a little bit unconventional and all of the bright colors involved might just be enough to blind you if you look too closely. To say that this boat and hauler set up is unlike any other would be a bit of an understatement because I’m pretty sure that personally, I have never seen anything quite like this… not even remotely close.

Instead of your conventional pickup truck to take you to and from the ramp, it turns out that this person decided to make their hauler of choice a pro street version of the General Lee Dodge Charger. The car enough is plenty if turning heads is your goal in mind but once you get a load of the boat that it’s hauling, the badass hydroplane machine coated with a little bit of screaming yellow and some brightly colored flames to match really tops off the flamboyancy of this combo. It’s almost like someone just took out a canvas and started throwing bright colors at it and this is what came about as a result.

Check out the video down below that showcases this bright combination as this hydroplane is pulled out of the water. Afterward, be sure to tell us what you think about this unique combination as it is showcased rolling away from the boat ramp. This guy had better be careful on those tires because if he doesn’t position it just perfectly, I could definitely see this becoming one slippery journey right into the drink like plenty of them that we have seen before.