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BAJA 1000 – The Fogg Motorsports RZR Bug Conversion is Wicked!

We all know that the off-roading community is a creative, motivated bunch of enthusiasts who are known for coming up with awesome solutions to the problems they encounter while enjoying their passion. We also know the guys at Busted Knuckle bring all of that creativeness and fun to us better than anybody else in the off-road world because they are a big part of that community themselves.

Recently, the BK Films crew caught up with the guys from Fogg Motorsports and their awesome Baja 1000 RZR Conversion. What you’re seeing is actually a simple concept, though as you’ll learn in the video, it took a little work to bring it to life. What they’ve done is taken an actual steel VW Bug body and draped it perfectly over an RZR XP1000 chassis. As you can see, the fit is shockingly perfect, making it seem almost as if one was built for the other, and the finished product looks very much like it could have rolled off an assembly line just as it sits. In fact, if anybody at Polaris is reading this, maybe you guys could use this as a blueprint for a road-going RZR model.

Speaking of road-going, this thing wasn’t just built for fun, it actually served the purpose of making it so that owner, Greg Angus, could enjoy his RZR on the roads around his home of Portland, OR. As I’m sure most of the off-roaders out there know, RZR’s aren’t legal for use on public roadways in most, if not all states.

Chris Fogg, the owner of Fogg Motorsports, decided to take on the project and together with Angus, began bringing the vision to life. The body is all stock and even includes a VIN tag so that the vehicle can now be registered. Of course, there was quite a bit of work that had to go into making everything work together, but the end result is nothing short of pure coolness, and we’re glad to get to share it with you guys!