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Motorcycle Goes Into High Speed Wobble – Causing It To Crash

When you get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle, it feels almost like the decision is split between people who think that safety equipment is a necessity and those who think that it’s cumbersome and something that isn’t really all that necessary and that people go overboard with it. In either scenario, you can bet your bottom dollar that the rider on board this bike is probably wishing that he would have gotten suited up a little bit more before heading out on this day. There wasn’t really anything that he could do about the situation that he got tangled up in but I think that it goes without saying that a little bit of safety equipment would’ve gone a long way toward making this one a little easier to handle.

The scene is set as someone finds themselves traveling down the highway and filming a motorcycle rider who appears to have gotten himself into a little bit of a speed wobble. However, before he’s able to react in order to correct the incident, it turns out that it gets too intense for him to handle, actually throwing the bike sideways and tossing the rider to the ground as he is left to do nothing but skid across the surface of the highway, making every single person who watches something like this cringe on the inside as you get the feeling of you skin beginning to crawl.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to put yourself on the scene of the incident that day as you can’t help but feel for this guys as he goes down. From the look of things, the injuries would probably be non-life-threatening but you know that this one is going to hurt more than a little bit for the foreseeable future.