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Beautiful 1968 Camaro SS Attempts to do Burnout, Destroys Car On The Median.

It’s only natural that, if you have a car like this shiny old-school Chevrolet Camaro, you’re going to want to show it off a little bit at meets and car shows alike. What’s the point in owning a car like that if you can’t let everyone know how awesome it is? However, the way that this driver went about doing it wasn’t exactly all positive. It ended up getting a little bit out of line and creating an embarrassing situation for the man behind the wheel.

This time, we tune in as the old-school muscle car leaves some sort of car show and gets a little bit sideways. Now, normally, that wouldn’t be an issue. An experienced driver would simply let out of the gas and thus, allow the car to recover from its slide. However, that isn’t what happened here. Instead of practicing the safest measure to prevent destruction in a situation like this, the driver immediately got back into the throttle. This was after sliding the car toward the median. It was at this point the Camaro would ram sideways into a sign. It looked to leave a sizable dent in the side of the car and knock the sign to the ground.

Check out the video below that shows off the incident that had this driver tangled up in a bad situation. Luckily, it looks like nobody was hurt. Personally, I don’t think that I would have the courage that it would take to try and show off in front of a group of people like that. Ending up in a video like this would give all your peers unlimited trash talk ammo. On the other hand, accidents certainly happen.

Perhaps, next time he’ll practice a little bit more self-control in such a crowded area. I know I would!