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Beautiful Oldsmobile 4-4-2 With A Procharged Oldsmobile Power Plant Gets Down!

One of the fun things about going fast can be picking out a platform that will surprise everyone.  Sure, we really do have a soft spot for the tried-and-true platforms, you know, the Corvettes and Mustangs that aren’t going to really provide as much shock factor but will also be sure to be consistent and reliable when it comes to race day. However, even people who are hardcore fans of these kinds of platforms have to admit that when somebody throws something different into the mix such as a big boat like this old school Oldsmobile 442, things do tend to get a little bit more interesting as you’re curious to see how such a set up could come together and put the power down.

This time, the 442 in question comes with a little bit of punch to be packed. Under the hood is none other than a 440 cubic inch Oldsmobile small block and it’s combined with a little bit of ProCharger action in the form of their F1-X head unit to really get the boost flowing and flow it does! This thing looks like it’s practically going to take off into orbit when the driver throttles down and makes the boat lurch off of the line with a vengeance.

If you follow along with the video from the TalonTSi97 YouTube video below, you’ll be able to capture this old-school machine that is massive yet graceful as it finds a way to somehow glide to the low eight-second range in the quarter mile, reaching speeds in the mid 160s on the way there. There is something about getting all that size and, we’re sure, weight that accompanies it, moving so quickly that is something special that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up as you watch physics appear to be defied in real life!