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Behind The Scenes Testing With Street Outlaws Before A Big Race

When we tune in to Street Outlaws, we naturally only get a small portion of what’s actually happening. In the scheme of things, this is kind of how television works. The producers behind the show are faced with the task of taking endless hours of content and cramming them down into a consumable version that can be aired on television.

Naturally, they kind of have to pick their story to tell and stick with it. With this in mind, there can be a ton that ends up left out of the production that’s still pretty interesting. Sometimes, maybe the powers that be just find that this content isn’t consumable enough for mainstream television. Other times, there is just simply too much content and some good stuff has to go.

One piece of the action that they certainly can’t include in its entirety is the testing sessions that some of these machines go through. At the end of the day, you didn’t think that these high dollar combinations were hitting the street without a whole lot of testing, did you?

Sure, every once in a while, in a pinch, new setups might have to be put into action without enough testing. However, most times, these drivers make sure to schedule a little bit of time to make sure that their car is in racing form.

This time, thanks to Petey SmallBlock, we’re able to take a spin through a test session with a lot of familiar faces. In this particular video, we get to dig into what exactly some of these top performers are doing when they aren’t on the show. Videos like this really give us the inside scoop and show us how far some of these machines go before they are able to make their way to a competitive pass.

At the end of the day, the final race is really just a small percentage of all of the effort that goes into making a car and driver combination dominate!