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“Best in Show” Ends up Rolling Into a Pond After Ritzy Car Show ($1.5m Loss)

There can be certain situations that we find ourselves in where luck doesn’t seem to be on our side. A day can go by where tons of little things just end up getting to us. These days don’t allow much forward progress. However, every once in a while, someone runs into an incredible streak of bad luck that makes us set-aside pretty much everything that we thought was bad in our lives. Some of these catastrophes really end in such a way that we can’t help but feel for the parties involved. There was certainly no winning in the situation pictured here.

This time, the scene of some of the worst luck possible is Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance at Port Royal Plantation. For the owner of this 1938 Packard, they thought that they would have a pretty relaxing day with some nice cars. In fact, their ride even took home best in class for the 1925-1948 vehicles.

It wouldn’t be long before the day would take a swift turn in the opposite direction, though. A car that had once been pristine enough to stand out amongst its peers would soon be something worthy of a complete restoration.

The video below takes us to the aftermath of what happened after the car decided that it would just up and roll away. Unfortunately, on the other end of this runaway vehicle wasn’t an empty grassy field. Instead, a lagoon would swallow it whole. It wasn’t even like the vehicle would roll slightly into the water just soaking the undercarriage. Instead, the vast majority of the car had been covered, almost all the way over the roof. Eventually, the machine was extracted. This incident is going to make one heck of a dent in the value. Hopefully, these folks had some pretty good insurance.