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Beyond The Build: Season 2, Episode 4. Battle Of The Boost!

Now that the holidays are over, we’re getting back to work on Beyond the Build. If you remember the past couple of episodes, we’ve had the turbo swap on the Mercedes AMG C63, and Ron and Shawn from Vengeance Racing have got the ZL1 build basically complete.

This episode starts out with a little bit of a rough start after Charlie gets a call from his wife Amber that she’d had a little mishap in her Range Rover. Amber is okay, but the Range will need a new front fascia, which is a bit of a problem since it had been sold just prior to the incident. But as long as everybody is okay, the bumper can be replaced and the SUV shipped off to its new owner.

In the shop, Ron and Company are putting the finishing touches on the ZL1 so they can get the car on the dyno, have the tune done and get back home to Atlanta. With most of the mechanical work done, it was time for Vengeance owner and tuner Mike Carnahan and Lingenfelter calibration expert Christian Saint to work their magic on the tune to extract the most power possible out of the mods, while keeping the air: fuel ratio nice and safe for the new owner.

After a test drive and a couple of pulls on the dyno, we see the car put down exactly 850 horsepower, an increase of 300 over the baseline of 550. The ECU for the Benz is reinstalled with the new tune in it and we see that the family hauler is now cranking out 700 horsepower, meaning whoever wins these sweepstakes will have their choice of insanely powerful cars, or the option to take home $50,000 in cash.

To celebrate the completion of both builds, the guys hosted a Hot Wheels Drag Race, with a full field of 32 entrants competing for the $500 purse. Safety Man Matt mowed down the competition to take home the win, the cash, and the bragging rights, proving himself the man to beat on the Hot Wheels track!

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